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Doing research on spanking and its lasting effects.

So, I started my research for my research paper for school and I picked spanking and its results on children because I am a new mom from a background of spanking just being used when children do something that can be deadly to them and then it is the last resort. I don’t plan on hitting my child at all. I feel that there are plenty of other things that can be done to get your child to understand. It does take more work on my part in the beginning but I did not become a mother thinking that it was going to be easy or that there are any short cuts. Both me and my husband were only spanked 1 in our life and it was when we were around 4 years old. I had nightmares after my spanking for several years afterwords. I don’t plan on doing that to my son.

Having run into mothers that use it as their main form of punishment I started wondering what sort of research has been done on this subject and its lasing effects. I came to find out that the earlier that children are spanked especially before the age of 2 there were more disciplinary problems. These children tend to pick more fights when they get to school and tend to hit their siblings more when their parents are not looking. Spanking tends to teach them that it is ok to hit others if they are not doing what you want them to do. Spanking also usually does not help children to think of why they should not do things other than their parents, the people that are suppose to love and keep them from harm, will hurt them if they do it. Also people of lower economic status tend to spank or hit more than people of higher economic status. Most pro spanking researches were very clear on that spanking should not be used before the age of 2 and should be last resort. There is also the problem of a mother or a father loosing their temper and hitting the child harder then they meant to and I’m sorry but most spankings no matter how much you love the child happen out of anger. If the parent wasn’t angry then they wouldn’t be spanking the child and if the parent waits until he or she is not angry then the moment has past and the punishment would not work. For it to work it has to happen at the moment of misbehavior. I’m not saying that all parents are enraged at the time of spanking but they are frustrated and sometimes taking the frustrations of the day out on a small child that can not defend themselves from the person that is here on this earth to care and protect them from harm.
Well there it is. I know you spankers out there dissagree with me. That is ok. I have the right to my oppinion and if you have emperical research that showes me that Spanking is the best sort of punishment and should be used all the time please tell me about it so I can use it in my research paper.


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