So a blog needed to be created.

It is time for me to find a place to start a new and blog about my life and passions.

I’m a stay at home mother of a 10 month old angel and his name is Óðinn Eggert. I also am a grad student that loves to knit and garden. Trying to fit all of this in to my already busy schedule with my son and school is hard to say the least and I have to admit that my home is not always squeeky clean.

Oh, and I’m forgetting that I run my own home business as well http://www.clothdiaperhut.com . I sell cloth diapers online and I enjoy it. I have not done much marketing because I am waiting on my sister to make a logo for me but I have sold some just by word of mouth.

We have 3 cats that do not help with keeping a clean house but they have been great companions.

Now that spring is in the air I have gone seed and gardening crazy and I have already transplanted lettus, broccoli, and cauliflower. I have also put down seeds for spinich, peas and carrots. I also have loads of other things sprouting in my window.

I got some great pics of my son outside today while we were all out working in the yard. He let go and stood on his own and wasn’t really realizing what he was doing. I was so happy that I got pics of this happening.

I started on a Icelandic sweatervest for myself the other day and have had fun working on it. I also have a blanket and 3 sweaters for Óðinn in the works. Maybe I should finish one of them. My sewing mashine is on the frits so 2 of them are on hold because of it and the other is just on hold because I got tiered of all the cabeling. I started making dishcloths with a KAL on ravelry. I didn´t make this weeks because of everything but maybe next week.


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